The Chevron Federal Credit Union checking account offers free ATM transactions, no per-check charges or monthly fees, and above-market dividends whenever your balance exceeds $500.


  • Earn dividends, which are compounded daily and paid monthly.
  • Enjoy the option of setting up Overdraft Protection using your Savings, MarketEdge Account, or Unsecured Line of Credit.
  • Receive quarterly account statements.

Ownership Choices

Checking accounts can be designated as the following types of accounts:

  • Individual
  • Joint
  • Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA), basically a custodial account
  • Trust accounts

Only $25 is needed to open a Checking account, but there is no minimum balance required to maintain the account. Dividends are paid on balances of $500 or more.

Withdrawal & Transfer Options

  • Up to $500 per day at CFCU ATMs and other participating network ATMs
  • Custom or traditional personalized checks
  • Bill Payer
  • Transfer via PC or Telephone Access
  • Wire Transfer
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Withdrawals by Mail
  • In person at CU Service Centers
  • Debit/ATM Card


eDeposit allows you to securely deposit  checks directly into your account from the comfort of your home or office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All you need is a scanner, computer, and Internet connection. Scan in the front and back of your check (or upload check images), and print your receipt. Your deposit will be credited immediately if
made before 3 p.m. Pacific; otherwise, it will post the next business day.

Sign on to your online account through PC Access to get started!

*Applies during normal business hours.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit paper checks to your account with your Smart Phone! To use the Mobile Deposit service, download the CFCU Mobile Banking iPhone or Android app from the App Store. When you open the App, hit “Deposit Checks,” then select the account you want to deposit the check into and enter the check amount.

Take a photo of the front of the check, then the back of the check, and hit “Submit.” You can choose to receive an email confirmation of your deposit.

Mobile Deposits made before 3 p.m. Pacific Time on a regular business day will be credited to your account after 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time that day. Otherwise, your deposit will be credited to your account after 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time the next business day.

New Solutions Checking Account

The New Solutions Checking account can provide you a second chance at having a Checking account and is a great way to rebuild your credit history. Additionally, it comes with helpful, educational material through inBalance® to help you manage your account effectively. For only a small monthly fee, the New Solutions Checking account is a cost-effective alternative to paying high processing fees to check cashing companies. The best part is that the New Solutions Checking account will convert to our regular Checking account after only 12 months of positive activity!*

Product Features

  • No minimum balance required.
  • FREE ATM card, PC Access online banking, Bill Payer, and eStatements.
  • UNLIMITED check writing, a FREE box of checks, and FREE online check images.
  • Account converts to a regular Checking account after 12 months of satisfactory activity.
  • All this and much more for only $5 per month* (charged at statement cycle).

*Other restrictions apply. Please speak with a Member Services Representative for further details.

Direct Deposit

Don't stand in line every payday just to deposit your paycheck. Instead, take advantage of CFCU's Direct Deposit service and save time by having your entire paycheck, less the usual deductions, automatically deposited into your Chevron Federal Credit Union account. Direct Deposit is a free service to all members.

Sign up for Direct Deposit

IMPORTANT: Instead of just your member number, you must use your 14-digit CFCU account number (found in the MICR line of your CFCU check) to authorize electronic debits or credits to your account. Please click here to find out how to establish your 14-digit CFCU account number.

Direct Deposit Benefits

  • Your funds are available immediately, even if you can't visit a branch.
  • You can immediately withdraw cash at any Chevron Federal Credit Union branch or any CFCU or network ATM each payday.
  • You can start earning dividends sooner on your deposited funds.
  • Your paycheck cannot be lost or stolen.

How Direct Deposit Works

On your payday, your employer will provide you with a pay stub, and that same day the amount of your paycheck, less the usual deductions, will appear on your CFCU member statement. If you ever need to verify a deposit, call our 24-hour Telephone Access Service or log onto PC Access.

Payroll Deduction Service

CFCU's Payroll Deduction Service lets you conveniently and automatically arrange to have specified amounts allocated from your paycheck to separate CFCU Savings and loan accounts. With our Payroll Deduction Service, you'll:

  • Never miss a loan payment.
  • Maximize the amount you save with regular deposits into your Savings, Checking, IRA, or other CFCU account.
  • Conveniently allocate your deposit among several CFCU accounts.

Master Account Agreement and Disclosure (PDF)
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