To promote the Credit Union's mission to serve the financial service needs of its members, the Board of Directors is established to direct and control the activities of the Credit Union.
The Board has the sole authority to make and approve policies for the uniform and consistent operation of the Credit Union. The Board also sets the strategic direction of the Credit Union by establishing specific goals and monitoring management's progress in achieving those goals. The Board has the overall responsibility for the safety and soundness of the Credit Union and is responsible for employing a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with the responsibility and authority to implement the Board's directives. Finally, the Board ensures continuity of leadership through recruitment of qualified candidates to serve as directors.
Jennifer Machado
Chairperson of the Board

William Clutter 

1st Vice Chair

Steven Francis 
2nd Vice Chair
David Andrade 
3rd Vice Chair

Michelle Green 
Adrianne Lee
May-Yee Ng

Doug Thompson

Marla Wright 

Rick Van De Boom

Anshul Maheshwari
Associate Director