Chevron Federal Credit Union is excited to offer the Looney Tunes Savings Club. This club is designed to help savers ages 12 and under learn how to save and manage money. It's never too soon to prepare financially for the future.

Parents or grandparents can help build the savings account with automatic transfers from their payroll or other CFCU accounts to the child's account.

To join, the child must be age 12 or under with a valid social security number and have a joint owner on the account (parent or legal guardian). Your child can sign up for the Looney Tunes Savings Club with only $25 and one simple application!

After opening the Kids Club Account, your child will receive:
 - A Looney Tunes Quarters Coin Holder
 - A Looney Tunes Character Pencil

For more information, or to open an account, stop by your local branch, visit or give us a call at 510-627-5000 or 800-232-8101.