The secure DocuSign system allows members to bypass traditional paper-based methods of obtaining a signature on some Credit Union documents.
Used by more than 65,000 customers around the world, DocuSign is an electronic signature service that meets or exceeds national and international security standards and is trusted by banks, law firms, and large enterprises around the world.

If a document is available to be signed via DocuSign, you will receive an email from the Credit Union alerting you. Click the link in the email to view and eSign your document.

The first time you eSign a document, you’ll be asked to create your electronic signature. You can select a signature style and type in your name, create a signature with your mouse, upload a scanned image of your pen-and-paper signature, or use a stylus on your Apple iPad or tablet PC to create a signature. This signature will be associated with a unique identifier so that every document you sign will be recorded as signed by you and you alone.

After you sign your first document, you will be given the opportunity to establish a free DocuSign account so your documents and signature can be saved. You are not required to establish an account, and you can always view your document again by going to, clicking the Access Documents link at the top, and entering the security code from the bottom of the original notification email.  

If you decide you would rather hand sign your document, just print it out or give us a call. We can send the form to you via mail or email if you’d prefer.

To learn more, read our DocuSign FAQs or visit

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