Direct Deposit puts an end to the payday runaround. Each payday your entire paycheck, less your usual deductions, will be sent electronically to CFCU when you choose to have your paycheck electronically deposited to your CFCU Checking or Savings account. Direct Deposit lets you begin earning dividends as quickly as possible.

Sign up today. (If you are a Chevron Corporation employee, please see instructions below.)

IMPORTANT: Instead of just your member number, you must use your 14-digit CFCU account number (found in the MICR line of your CFCU check) to authorize electronic debits or credits to your account. Click here to find out how to establish your 14-digit CFCU account number.

Chevron Corporation Employees Only:

Please follow these instructions to set up payroll deductions to the Credit Union.

From a GIL computer, access your timesheet.  Then above that you can "Update Bank Information." 

From within the internal network of Chevron Corporation, go to 

  • Select "Bank Update"
  • In the "Bank Details Type" field, select "Other Bank" (formally known as credit union deduction) to update how/where your payroll deduction(s) are to be distributed. This function allows you to electronically transfer a portion (or portions) of your paycheck to the banking institution of your choice.
  • The "Main Bank" selection in the "Bank Details" Type field will allow you to update how, or where your net pay is electronically transferred (also known as direct deposit of pay).
  • Follow the instructions to establish a new, or to change an existing, "Other Bank" distribution.

Chevron Federal Credit Union's ABA (routing number): 321075947

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Chevron Federal Credit Union Payroll Operations 925-790-6325.

NOTE: The Credit Union is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of your payroll deduction request. 

To change the distribution of a payroll deduction or net pay direct deposit going to Chevron Federal Credit Union, please contact your local branch or call 800-232-8101.