Get access to free financial education and counseling from certified, unbiased, and objective credit counselors.

Chevron Federal Credit Union has partnered with BALANCE, a financial education and counseling service.

BALANCE credit counselors can help you avoid or resolve financial problems, develop a spending or savings plan, improve your credit rating, plan wisely for the future, and achieve your goal of purchasing a home.

BALANCE provides online calculators (home and personal financing, investment, retirement, and lease)  to help you answer common financial questions such as "Should I refinance?," "How much can I afford to borrow?," "What will my payments be?," and "How much money will I save or earn?"

Learn how to "balance" life's financial demands. Call BALANCE today at 888-456-2227, being sure to identify yourself as a CFCU member, or visit them online at

If you have any questions about this FREE service, please stop by your local CFCU Branch or call us at 510-627-5000 or toll-free 800-232-8101.

Facing Financial Hardships? We Can Help.

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