Protect Your Good Credit...Even If You Sit at a Desk All Day...

Accidents can happen anywhere, and anyone can get sick. It's not hard to convince people who work in "high-risk" occupations to pay a little extra for Credit Disability Insurance when they're borrowing money.

The average bridge repairman or factory worker, for example, is well aware of the dangers inherent in his or her job. Such employees often seek protection to ensure they can make their loan payments in the event they have to stop working for a time.

But accidents can happen anywhere — not just in so-called "high-risk" settings. And folks in every type of work environment, from insurance brokerage to education to retail sales, are just as likely to become seriously ill as their acquaintances in more potentially hazardous jobs.

Credit Disability Insurance protects your family's lifestyle should you become unable to make your monthly loan payments due to injury or illness. If you're single, the affordable coverage protects the good credit rating you've worked so hard to establish. And that's smart planning, no matter what kind of job you have.

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Credit Disability Insurance is underwritten and administered by Life Investors Insurance Company of America (in all states except CT, ME, NY), Monumental Life Insurance Company (in CT & ME only), and AUSA Life Insurance Company, Inc. (in NY only).