A move can sometimes be a challenging experience. At Chevron Federal Credit Union, our goal is to make the relocation process as smooth as possible for you and your family.



U.S. Domestic Relocation Financing

The Chevron Corporate Relocation Program is designed to assist you with the major expenses related to relocating for a Chevron-initiated move. These major expenses are specifically identified and will be defined by your Relocation Specialist, with some varying degree based on your approved relocation.

One of the most beneficial features of the Chevron Corporate Relocation Program is the ability to finance a home purchase with Chevron Federal Credit Union.



CFCU Mortgage Financing

Chevron Federal Credit Union’s specialized Relocation Financing provides additional cost savings and discounts to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses while financing and purchasing your next home. 

Premier features include:

  • No lender fees 
  • Significant rate discounts for most mortgage programs 
  • Dedicated Relocation Relationship Managers to assist you


Your fees may vary depending on your approval for direct billing from Chevron Corporation and will be determined by your eligibility and sponsored-new position.  

To learn more about your loan financing options, apply online to get pre-approved and contact our dedicated Relocation Relationship Managers for additional details. 


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Note: This information is for Chevron Corporation employees who have been identified as Eligible Relocating Employees.



CFCU Relocation Relationship Managers

Team Email:
[email protected]  

Louie Abude — NMLS ID #389199: Oakland Headquarters: 500 12th St., Ste. 200, Oakland, CA. Office: 510-627-5216; Email: [email protected] 

Deb Maier — NMLS ID #457071: Remote: Minden, NV: Office: 510-627-5066; Email: [email protected] 

Tommy Hampton — NMLS ID #820567: Oakland Headquarters: 500 12th St., Ste. 200, Oakland, CA. Office: 510-627-5221; Email: [email protected]



Chevron Corporate Relocation Program Process

To begin the relocation process, complete the online Chevron Relocation Authorization form (link found in CVX HR2 web page). Your request will be sent to Human Resources for approval.  Once approved, your Brookfield Relocation Specialist will contact you and coordinate your next steps.


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