With a sleek new look designed for quick navigation and ease of use on mobile devices, the new chevronfcu.org is fresh, fast, and friendly.

What do we mean?

FRESH – A revamped design reflects today’s modernized Credit Union.

FAST – An expanded navigation panel helps find information quickly and efficiently.

FRIENDLY – An enhanced layout improves the experience on all mobile devices.

Not everything has changed! The Online Banking login box is still at the top of the home page, so you can quickly log in and schedule transfers, set up payments, and even check your FICO Score.

How our web pages are organized remains very similar. It’s just easier to get to the page you want now! 

Check out our Q&As below for more information on the refreshed site. If you have additional questions, please give us a call at 800-232-8101.  

Q. Why did you redesign the website?
A. We always want to provide our members with excellent experiences, and the redesigned website allows us to do that.

Q. How is the redesigned website better than the one it replaced?
A. The refreshed website has a cleaner, more modern design and an expanded navigation panel to make it easier to get where you want to go. Is it also optimized to work better on mobile devices.

Q. How does the new navigation panel work?
A. There are five main categories across the top of the page: About CFCU, Accounts, Loans & Credit, Membership, and Resources. Click or hover over a category, and the associated menu will pop up below it. Move your cursor down into the menu to click the page you want to go to.

Q. What happened to the Mobile Banking login box?
A. Since the majority of our members access Mobile Banking through our app, we removed the Mobile Banking box from the homepage.

If you would prefer to access Mobile Banking through your device’s browser, you can still type mb.chevronfcu.org into your browser. 

Q. Can I still find ATM and branch locations using the website?
A. Yes. An ATM and Branch Finder link is in the upper right corner of every page. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the homepage to access the ATM and Branch Finder.

Q. Where do I find information about your digital banking services?
A. Information on our digital banking services is found under the Accounts category.

Q. Where do I find contact information for the Credit Union?
A. The Contact Us link under the Resources category will take you to all of our contact information. 

Q. Where do I find information for Credit Union branches?
A. The Branch Information link under the Resources category will take you to the listing of our branch addresses and hours. 

Q. What if I spot an error or broken link on the redesigned site?
A. Please let us know! Send us email

Q. Are the member testimonials at the bottom of the homepage from actual members?
A. Yes! The testimonials are from current members who gave us permission to include them on the website. 

Q. Can I submit a testimonial to be included on the homepage?
A. We will gladly consider all member testimonials submitted to us for inclusion on the homepage and in other Credit Union publications. Please send us an email or mail your testimonial to the Credit Union, Attn: Marketing.

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