Member Savings

Build a strong foundation for your savings plan with your CFCU Primary Share Savings account. Savings accounts earn highly competitive dividends, which are proposed by the Board of Directors at the beginning of each month. Start saving for a more secure financial future today!


  • Earn dividends, which are compounded daily and paid monthly.
  • Rest assured because Savings accounts may be designated as overdraft protection for CFCU Checking Accounts.
  • Receive quarterly account statements.

Ownership Choices 

  • Individual
  • Joint
  • Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA), basically a custodial account
  • Trust accounts

Only $25 is needed to open a Savings account, and minimum balance of $25 is required to maintain the account and to earn dividends.

Sub-Savings Account 

Enjoy the flexibility of opening a free Sub-Savings account that can be used to save for anything you want. Put aside money for holiday gifts, vacations, large purchases, or even for major monthly expenses and enjoy the convenience of keeping track of these extra pockets of savings separate from your main Savings account.


The MySavingsSM account for members 21 years old or younger offers a rate of 6.77% (7.00% APY)* on account balances up to $1,000, with balances above $1,000 earning our regular Savings rate.

This is a great way to get young members more excited about saving as they can watch their balance grow quickly through the power of compound interest.

There are no fees or minimum balance requirements. Please note that the account holder must sign up for eStatements within 60 days of account opening.

MySavings Criteria

The Primary Member must:

  • Be the individual that is applying for the MySavings account
  • Have a Social Security number
  • Be 21 years old or younger
  • Opt out of paper statements and sign up for eStatements within 60 days of account opening
  • Have an email address

Only one MySavings account is allowed per member.

*Rate subject to change without notice.

Direct Deposit 

Take advantage of CFCU's Direct Deposit service and save time by having your entire paycheck, less the usual deductions, automatically deposited into your Chevron Federal Credit Union account. Direct Deposit is a free service to all members.

IMPORTANT: Instead of just your member number, you must use your 14-digit CFCU account number (found in the MICR line of your CFCU check) to authorize electronic debits or credits to your account. Please click here to find out how to establish your 14-digit CFCU account number.

Direct Deposit Benefits

  • Your funds are available immediately, even if you can't visit a branch.
  • You can immediately withdraw cash at any Chevron Federal Credit Union branch or any CFCU or network ATM each payday.
  • You can start earning dividends sooner on your deposited funds.
  • Your paycheck cannot be lost or stolen.
How Direct Deposit Works

On your payday, your employer will provide you with a pay stub, and that same day, the amount of your paycheck, less the usual deductions, will appear on your CFCU member statement. If you ever need to verify a deposit, simply call our 24-hour Telephone Access Service or log onto PC Access.

Direct Deposit Information for Chevron Corporation Employees

Payroll Deduction Service

CFCU's Payroll Deduction Service lets you conveniently and automatically arrange to have specified amounts allocated from your paycheck to separate CFCU deposit, and loan accounts. With our Payroll Deduction Service, you'll:

  • Never miss a loan payment.
  • Maximize the amount you save with regular deposits to your savings, checking, IRA or other CFCU accounts.
  • Conveniently be able to allocate your deposit among several CFCU accounts.

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