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4 Affordable Summer Activities for the Whole Family

June 22, 2020 by Chevron Federal Credit Union

With everything that is going on, summer may look different for many of us this year. We may not be able to fly to an exotic island or afford an extended vacation, but there is still tons of fun to be had with the family right at home. Here are 4 affordable summer activities for the whole family.

DIY Projects

A flock of birdhouses. Family band instruments. Bedroom mural painting. Sustainable fairy garden. When it comes to DIY projects, your imagination is the limit. Section off part of the living room or take over the entire backyard, use whatever space you need to dedicate to this family-fun project.

Spread the Joy

There is no better time to reach out and spread some positivity and joy. Collect rocks and paint them with uplifting pictures and words. Then walk around your neighborhood or apartment complex and place the rocks in yards, by doors, or near sidewalks for passerby’s to enjoy. This activity is simple, creative, and will get you out for some exercise. Most importantly, it is a beautiful way to connect with others while social distancing.

Create Your Own Movie Festival

Create a list of themed films with the family and plan your own movie festival. Watch the movies, discuss them afterwards, and even vote for festival awards. You could stay with the Academy’s classic categories or branch and out and create your own – best animated animal sidekick.

For added entertainment, take it outdoors with a wall and a movie projector and invite friends and neighbors for a socially distanced movie night.

Themed Potluck Dinner

Make meals fun with the whole family. Decide on a theme, create a menu, then have each family member choose a dish to make. You can also design seating cards or fancy display labels for the food. Finally, enjoy your meal and discuss your favorites. For an added fun factor: dress up to match the theme or just be fancy!

You don’t have to break the bank or travel the world to enjoy this summer. Take advantage of this opportunity to create fun projects and lasting memories for everyone. Your plans for the family may be different than previous years, but the reason behind them doesn’t have to change – time together.

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