Deposits & Transfers

Out and about

If you’re out and about and need cash, you can use your ATM card or debit card to get cash surcharge-free from any Chevron Federal Credit Union-owned ATM or from one of thousands of network ATMs. 

We belong to the CO-OP ATM, Alliance One, Allpoint, and MoneyPass ATM networks, so look for machines with any of these logos:


You can also find network ATMs using our ATM & Branch Finder or our Mobile Banking app.

Our current ATM daily limit is $1,000, but is subject to adjustment.

You can make up to eight withdrawals per card per month at network machines not owned by Chevron Federal Credit Union. If you exceed that amount during a month, we will charge a nominal fee of $1 for each additional withdrawal at non-Chevron Federal Credit Union ATMs that month. 

If your ATM card is linked to a checking account, you can use it to make purchases at retail locations with point-of-sale terminals, but the card does not have a chip and is less secure than a debit card. We recommend that ATM cards only be used at ATMs.

If you think you’ll be making regular purchases at point-of-sale terminals, or if you will be making purchases online, we suggest that you replace your ATM card with a debit card. It’s more flexible and more secure for making purchases. Learn more about the benefits of a debit card here. 

Our daily limit for point-of-sale purchases is currently $2,500.

At home

Check deposits
Mobile Banking provides a convenient way to deposit checks without leaving the comfort of your home. Maximum electronic deposit limits are set based on your transaction history with Chevron Federal Credit Union. 

To find your maximum electronic deposit amount, open Mobile Banking, select Check Deposit, and tap the Amount box. 

Be sure to sign the back of your check and write "For Mobile Deposit" under your signature, then tap Check Deposit to get started.

Transfers to institutions
Online Banking and Mobile Banking allow you to easily transfer money between your Chevron Federal Credit Union accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions. You can also set up automatic transfers.

In Online Banking, hover over the Move Money tab to find your transfer options. In Mobile Banking, tap the Transfers menu to make transfers between Chevron Federal Credit Union accounts or tap More and then External Transfers to transfer funds to another financial institution.

Transfers to individuals
If you go to the Move Money tab in Online Banking or the Transfers option in Mobile Banking, you can also transfer funds to the Chevron Federal Credit Union accounts of your friends and family. 

To transfer money to non-members in Online Banking, hover over the Move Money tab and select Transfer to/from External Accounts. In Mobile Banking, tap on the More menu and then select External Transfers. 

 Online BankingMobile Banking
Between another of your Credit Union accountsMove Money - Transfer Between CFCU AccountsTransfers
To a fellow Credit Union member's accountMove Money - Transfer to Another MemberTransfers
To your account at another financial institutionMove Money - Transfer to/from External AccountsMore - External Transfers
To a non-Credit Union memberMove Money - Transfer to/from External AccountsMore - External Transfers



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