Frequently Asked Questions: Extra Appreciation Event

The Extra Appreciation Event Frequently Asked Questions

The Extra Appreciation Event Frequently Asked Questions

Which accounts qualify for the Extra Appreciation Reward?

You can save your way – new money balances in all deposit accounts will be tracked, such as deposits into Primary Savings, Checking, Money Market Savings, and Share Certificates.

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How is my reward amount calculated?

Every day during the promotional period of 11/1/2023 through 2/29/2024, we will add up all the end-of-day balances in your membership’s deposit accounts. 

At the end of the promotion, we will add your end-of-day balances together and divide by 121 to get your average daily balance during the promotional period. 

Then we’ll subtract your starting balance as of September 30, 2023, to determine the final average daily balance of new money deposited. The result determines your reward!

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What do you mean by average daily balance?

Imagine your deposit accounts are like buckets, and the amount of money in the buckets is your balance. Every day, the amount of money in a bucket may change as you make deposits or withdrawals. The average daily balance is a way of measuring how much money, on average, you have in your deposit accounts over a period of time.

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Why does it matter when I make my deposits during the Promotional Period?

Because we are tracking your average over 121 days, lower balances early on require higher deposits later in the promotion period to increase the average overall.

For example, if you started with a $1,000 balance, deposited $10,000 on November 1, and made no withdrawals during the promotion period, you would reach the $10,000 tier and earn a $100 reward. If you waited until December 1 to make a deposit, you would need to deposit $14,000 to earn the same reward.

Example: Deposit $14,000 on December 1*

Time PeriodEnd-of-day balanceAmount
November 1 - 30$1,000 x 30$30,000
December 1 - 31$15,000 x 31$465,000
January 1 - 31$15,000 x 31$465,000
February 1 - 29$15,000 x 29$435,000
 Divide by 121$11,528
 Subtract Starting Balance$1,000
 Reward Tier = $10,000$10,528


Here’s another way to look at it if you only made one deposit and had no withdrawals:*

  Deposit Date Deposit Amount Tier Reached
Scenario 1 11/1/23 $10,000 $10,000
Scenario 2 12/1/23 $14,000 $10,000
Scenario 3 1/1/24 $21,000 $10,000

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Do withdrawals affect my potential reward?

Withdrawals could affect your end-of-day balances, which might lower your final average daily balance of new money deposited. Higher deposits could help offset withdrawals.

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If you are using my September 30 end-of-day balance as my starting balance, what about my October transactions?

If your savings balance grew in October, congratulations! The higher balance will help you reach your tier goal. If your savings balance decreased in October, you may have to deposit more to raise your average daily balance.

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* Examples and scenarios are for illustrative purposes only. For more information on how rewards are calculated, visit or call 866-859-5552.


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