Your Safety and Security Are Our Priority

March 26, 2020 by Chevron Federal Credit Union

It is only natural to question the safety and stability of our financial wellness during local, national, and global unease. Chevron Federal Credit Union is here to give you peace of mind – your money and personal data are safe.

Your security is our priority. We employ the latest security technology to help protect your online identity, with a commitment to keeping your confidential information confidential.

How CFCU Protects Your Information


Multi-Layered Security

Our online and mobile banking platform uses a multi-layered security structure to protect our applications and networks to keep your information safe from hackers and identity thieves.



With our encryption tools, we ensure your online and mobile transactions are secured and prevent your data from being accessed by unauthorized parties.


Fraud Monitoring

We have a dedicated, in-house team that exclusively focuses on protecting and safeguarding your accounts, transactions, and data.


Ongoing Education

We continue to inform our members of updated ways to be proactive about protecting your information as well as training our employees to stay ahead of the game.


It is natural to worry about your finances during times of uncertainty. As your lifelong financial partners, we hope this information helps alleviate some of those concerns.

For more information regarding Chevron Federal Credit Union’s safety and security measures as well as security tips and how our digital banking provider helps protect your information, please visit Security Central.

Our Mobile Security FAQs page can help if you have further questions.


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