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As a credit union, Chevron FCU is a federally chartered not-for-profit financial institution that is owned by its members. Each member owns a Share in the Credit Union secured by an initial deposit of $25 ($50 for joint memberships).

A lot of people who qualify for membership  may not realize that they can join. Find out how you might qualify by being included in one of our Field of Membership or by being connected to an Eligible Person as outlined below.


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Are you connected to an Eligible Person? You can join!


Membership Eligibility Chart


Examples of an Eligible Person you may be connected to:
  • Chevron FCU member
  • Current or past employee of a qualifying employer (such as Chevron) — whether they have ever joined or not


Good to know...

Anyone who has worked for a qualifying employer, regardless of length of service, is eligible to join. If you worked there for just one day, you can still join as a “retiree”.

If your employment with a qualifying employer ends, you can still be a member of the Credit Union and your family members and roommates are still eligible to join. Once a member, always a member!

Immediate family members* and even household members who share expenses are eligible for membership — even if the primary eligible person does not open an account. Just select “family member” on the membership application.

Family members of deceased eligible persons are eligible to join the Credit Union, even if the eligible person was never a member.


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* Immediate Family can include: Spouses, Domestic Partners, Children, Parents, Siblings, Grandchildren, and Grandparents


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